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Name Description
IMT Computational Imaging Methods and Models
IMT-CIS Coded Image Sensing: Coded sensing; Coded source; Structured light; Time-of-flight; Coded aperture
IMT-CST Compressed Sensing: Compressive sampling; Sparse sampling; Compressibility; Restricted isometries
IMT-SIM Statistical Image Models: Statistical and Bayesian models; System and image prior modeling; Noise models;
IMT-SLM Sparse and Low Rank Models: Low-dimensional subspace models, Model order reduction; Low-rank modeling; Sparse transforms; Patch-based sparse modeling; Joint sparsity
IMT-GIM Graphical Image Models: Bayesian networks, Tree-based models, Markov models, Loopy graphical models, Markov random field models
IMT-LBM Learning-Based Models: Dictionary-based models; Sparse coding; Data-driven modeling
IMT-PIM Perceptual Image Models: Human visual system models, Model observers
CIF Computational Image Formation
CIF-MIF Multi-Image & Sensor Fusion: Super-resolution; In-painting, Compositing; Photomontages; Panoramas, HDR imaging, Multi-wavelength imaging, Dynamic imaging
CIF-MLI Machine Learning based Computational Image Formation
CIF-OBI Optimization-based Inversion Methods: Surrogate methods; Large-scale methods; Non-linear methods; Proximal iterative methods, Dual-decomposition methods; Convex relaxation; Splitting methods; Alternating direction method of multipliers
CIF-SBR Sparsity-Based Reconstruction: L-p based methods; Least absolute shrinkage and selection operator; Dantzig selector, Basis pursuit
CIF-SBI Statistically-Based Inversion: Bayesian-based methods; Penalized likelihood methods
CIS Computational Imaging Systems
CIS-CPH Computational Photography: Non-classical image capture; Generalized illumination, High dynamic range imaging; Focal stacks; Generalized optics, Generalized sensing, Generalized processing, Generalized display; Low light imaging; Time-of-flight; Depth imaging; Computational cameras; Plenoptic imaging; Light field cameras
CIS-MIS Mobile Imaging: Cell phone imaging; Depth cameras; Camera arrays; Multi-media imaging, Stereoscopic imaging, Hybrid visible and IR imaging, Debluring, Multi-focus imaging
CIS-PIS Pervasive Imaging: Computational camera networks; Persistent imaging; Time-space imaging; Distributed imaging.
CIS-HCC Human Centric Computing: Biometrics; Computational imaging for health; Computational imaging for human computer interfaces
CIS-CMI Computational Microscopy: Optical, confocal, multiphoton, holographic microscopy, Quantitative phase imaging, Structured illumination/super-resolution microscopy, Plenoptic microscopy, Photo-activation based super-resolution microscopy, 3D deconvolution microscopy, Light field microscopy, Nonlinear microscopy; Electron microscopy; Atomic force microscopy
CIS-SSI Spectral Sensing: Hyperspectral, Spectroscopic, and Remote sensing imaging
CIS-TIM Tomographic Imaging: Computed transmission tomography (CT); Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT); Positron emission tomography (PET); Diffuse optical tomography (DOT); Dose reduction methods; Phase-contrast imaging; Other tomographic imaging
CIS-MRI Magnetic resonance imaging: MRI reconstruction; Fast acquisition; Compressive MRI systems; Parallel imaging
CIS-AIM Acoustic Imaging: Computational acoustic and ultrasound imaging; Photo-acoustic imaging; Seismic imaging; Sonar
CIS-RIM Radar Imaging: Synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Inverse SAR, Terahertz imaging; Lidar
CIS-NCI Novel Computational Imaging Systems: Novel imaging systems involving computational imaging
HSS Computational Imaging Hardware and Software
HSS-HPC High-performance embedded computing systems: Graphical processing unit systems; Field programmable gate arrays, Application specific integrated circuits; Imaging pipelines and preprocessors for computational imaging
HSS-BDC Big Data Computational Imaging: High performance computing; Parallel implementations; Distributed data storage; MapReduce implementations;
HSS-HDD Integrated Hardware/Digital Design: Optimized design of sensor, computation, and software; Hybrid Optical/Digital design; Hardware and software co-design; Parallel and distributed systems
HSS-NSS Non-traditional Sensor Systems: Special purpose sensor and algorithm design for computational imaging systems; Novel hardware architectures for computational imaging


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