Events of the Student Branch Chapter: JSS Academy of Technical Education - Noidar (JSSATEN)

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News and Resources for Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society

Events of the Student Branch Chapter: JSS Academy of Technical Education - Noidar (JSSATEN)


If you want to test your circuit design being an electrical or electronics engineer, then you have chosen the right event. Test your design, simulation, and hardware implementation skills with real-time applications (in collaboration with IEEE Robotics and Automation Society).

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 2000
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 1600
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 1000


CodeLogix was all about showcasing the coding skills through a 3-hr long all India competition, whose platform was provided by PrepBytes and was promoted by whole teams of IEEE Signal Processing Society, JSSATE, Noida, and H2Sponsorship. All the participants were required to first register on the official site of PrepBytes and were given unique user IDs. Users were ranked according to the most problems solved. Ties were broken by the total time for each user in ascending order of time. Thus, the top 3 contestants were declared the winners. People had shown a great interest in this event as we had 220 people participating in CodeLogix.

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 2000
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 1000
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 700


A brainstorming event to check your thinking ability to solve the existing problems related to different themes given to you. First-round will ask you for the problem statement and its solution. Then for the second round, you have to prepare a business pitch for your idea.

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 2000
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 1500
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 900

Web Development Workshop

The workshop was conducted on the “Zoom Meeting” platform from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM with a 15-min gap in between. The workshop witnessed more than 70 participants from different colleges all over India. The speaker, Prof. Abhishek Kesharwani, Assistant Professor at United College of Engineering and Research, Prayagraj, delivered the lecture very efficiently. Students were required to download the XAMPP Software as a prerequisite to the workshop. He started his lecture by talking about the key languages used in the process of web development, such as Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), and Bootstrap. Going on the same he first talked about HTML, the most standard language of web development and creation of web pages. Next in the session was CSS, used for building stylized web pages. It describes how HTML elements should be displayed. After the break, he talked about the Bootstrap framework used for responsive web design and its inclusion in the HTML code. Last but not the least, he taught about PHP, a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive web pages. At last, he taught about combining all the languages and creating a database table for storing email, username, and password as filled by the user.

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 300
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 200
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 100

Workshop on Applied Data Science and Statistics

The workshop was conducted on the “Google meet” platform from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. The workshop was attended by more than 70 participants from all over India. The speaker Parth Sharma, Chief Data scientist at Jasper Colin Research, delivered the lecture very efficiently. He started his lecture by talking about the key definitions of Population and Sample and then explained them. Going on the same he talked about Data types and their two categories, then about the measurements in Data type and its two categories which are Qualitative and Quantitative. Then he talked about the tutorial of Downloading the PyCharm from Google chrome. Then he explained the program in Statistics using mean, median, mode, and standard deviation, etc. Then he covered the topics like Skewness, Plotly, and all. Last but not least he talked about the role of Data Science in the industry and more areas to explore.

Non-Technical Events


A quizzing competition that will check your logical ability, vocabulary, and knowledge in the
entertainment field.

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 500
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 350
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 250


Techno-Write was all about writing a technical article on the topics which are as follows:

  • Dark Web: A Web of Anonymity and Privacy
  • Blockchain: Abstracting and Understanding the Future Technology
  • Ad-hoc Networks: Model and Performance Analysis
  • 5G: Design Challenges and Development Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Threat to the Existence of Humanity?

The top 3 participants to opt for conciseness, informative abstract, clarity, directness, and correct use
of grammar and spelling gave us the winners.

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 800
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 500
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 300

Express Yourself

An article writing competition where you can express your views frankly. Express Yourself was all
about writing an article of about 250-350 words on the topics which are as follows:

  • Need brings greed... if need increases it spoils breed.
  • Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.
  • Economic growth without distributive justice is bound to breed violence.
  • Urbanization is a blessing in disguise.
  • If you are not at the edge, you’re taking up a lot of space.

The top 3 participants to opt for best language, originality, clarity of thoughts, creativity and correct
use of grammar gave us the winners.

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 800
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 500
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 300


Ad-Mad was all about making a 2-mins advertising video and a poster on any topic related to the conservation of the environment. The top 3 participants to opt for best advertisement content, facial expressions and fluency gave us the winners. This event was conducted on Google forms and Google Drive platforms as the participants have to upload their videos.

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 800
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 500
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 300 (x2)


Vocabster was all about the 25 questions which participants had to answer in 30 minutes. Type of categories include Synonyms, Prepositions, Sentence framing, Active voice, and Passive voice. The top 3 articipants to opt for the maximum correct answer in minimum time gave us the winners. This event was conducted on Google forms which is an online platform to be used in such events.

  • 1st Prize - Rs. 800
  • 2nd Prize - Rs. 500
  • 3rd Prize - Rs. 300

Webinar on Health and Hygiene for Women

It was conducted on Google Meet. There were a number of faculty and student participants. The speaker of the event was Dr. Anjali Jain, Consultant Gynae Onco and minimal invasive surgery, Ex-Consultant Fortis Memorial Research Hospital, Ex-Consultant, Medanta the Medicity. The speaker made us aware of the Hygiene for Women. Health, Hygiene, and cleanliness go hand in hand. While it is essential for everyone to maintain personal hygiene, female health still exists as a taboo in various sections of our society. Females are the unsaid definition of lives, and their well-being must be a topic of major concern. While they play a number of roles, these roles carry a number of problems and responsibilities. To stay fit, healthy, is the basic focus, and to live longer and happier. We shall talk and discuss the hygiene and actions that are vigilant in the lives of females. They are as human as the men in our universe. The taboo against them must be eradicated. Their health must be prioritized, and so shall we respect what all they give us.

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