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Engage with the Signal Processing Education Network

by Wayne T. Padgett (SPEd Liaison to E-Newsletter)

Wayne T. PadgettThe Signal Processing Education Standing Committee (SPEd SC) would like to encourage your participation in the Signal Processing Education Network (SPEN) project, and its next workshop in Houston, TX. Registration information will soon be available on SPEN's website.

2012 Signal Processing Education Network Workshop and Sprint
Rice University, Houston, TX, February 22-24, 2012
The Signal Processing Education Network (SPEN) is a group of signal processing education champions who are committed to breaking away from the traditional textbook, lecture, homework-based education model and moving towards an ecosystem model where educators, students, and field practitioners continually interact, collaborate, connect, and explore interactive content. SPEN is developing new open-access e-textbook content in Connexions; interactive simulations in LabVIEW, Mathematica, and MATLAB; and a complementary database of problems and answers for student practice, assignments, and exams.

SPEN has three primary goals. First, it will provide a forum for the exchange of best practices and tools for developing new content, simulations, and problems. Second, it will develop a content inventory and wish list for teaching a range of signal processing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Third it will develop a plan for expanding the network of champions to a globe-spanning ecosystem. The SPEd Standing Committee invites you to be a participant in this revolutionary project. Past presentations are available at http://spenproject.org/events.

Election Results:
Thanks to two members whose terms end this year for all their contributions to the committee: Roger Green and Mark Yoder. Two members have been re-elected for a second term: Sidney Burrus and Woon Seng Gan. Four members have been chosen for the first time: David Anderson, Elliot Moore, Doug O'Shaughnessy, and Yun He. We have also elected a new vice chair for the next two years: Lina Karam.

Congratulations to the new members.

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